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Pre-Order Policy

Our imported seafood products arrive every Saturday and Wednesday. We recommend ordering on Sunday for Wednesday arrival and on Tuesday for Saturday arrival. 

Some products have a minimum order of 10 KG by our supplier, we will negotiate with them to send us a smaller quantity based on your order.

We will contact you to confirm the order, product availability, and minimum order quantity and upon receiving confirmation from you, we recommend paying online if you wish to have a pre-ordered seafood product.

Feel free to call us or send us a WhatsApp message on +971 52 908 2990

Delivery Policy
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We do expect you to understand that all seafood products are sold per kilogram (except for Oyster), therefore, the invoice amount generated online will NOT reflect the actual final invoice amount. There is always a margin of approximately 20 grams difference which could change the overall invoice amount. 

The invoice given to you at time of delivery is the final invoice that must be paid. 

If you paid online, we will credit your account for your next order or we will request you to pay the difference at the time of delivery.

We accept different payment methods:

On Delivery: Cash

Before Delivery: Debit or Credit card

We accept all major cards

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