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Product name: Nobashi Ebi Shrimps

Size: 21/25

Type: Frozen

Origin: Japan

Order Quantity: minimum of 300 grams 

Unit of Measurment: Kilograms

Packaging: 300 gms / packet

Packaging type: Vaccum Pack


This product is commonly used in Sushi 

Nobashi Ebi Shrimps (300 gms/pack)

  • Many people get confused about Shrimp sizes as it is not straightforward like the fish or other seafood. 

    In fish and other seafood, the size is mentioned in grams or Kilograms. While in Shrimps, the size is mentioned per estimated pieces in 1 Kilograms.


    For example, a Shrimp size of 21/25 simply means that there are roughly 21 - 25 pieces of Shrimps to make up a 1 Kilogram. 


    Consequently, if the number is high (eg: size 70/80), it means it is a small size of Shrimps. Similarly, if the number is low (eg: size 6/8), it means it is a large size of Shrimps.


    To help you understnd further, refer to the table below:

    Shrimp Size Size in Words
    U2, U3, U5 Extra Extra Large (XXL)
    U7, U10, U15 Extra Large (XL)
    6/8, 8/12, 11/15 Large (L)
    16/20, 21/25 Medium-large (ML)
    26/30, 31/40 Medium (M)
    40/60, 60/70, 70/80 Medium-small (MS)
    80/90, 90/100 Small (S)
    PUD 100 - 200 grams Extra Small (XS)
    PUD 200 - 300 grams Extra Extra Small (XXS)